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We train communities, organizations, and movements to strategically use the arts to amplify their impact.

Why training matters.

Every social movement in American history has relied on the power of the arts to affect social change.

Today, communities face an increasingly fragmented political landscape, oversaturated media landscape, and parched funding landscape — at a time when their voices are more needed than ever.

What we do.

That's why we train communities, organizations, and movements to strategically use the arts to amplify their impact — through advocacy, activism, and organizing. 

Our goal is to build capacity, not clients. We measure our success by the number of trained groups that no longer need our assistance to move their work forward.

Our Current Offerings:


Bootcamp: Art for Activism
This workshop teaches participants about the history of arts-based advocacy; introduces core concepts and frameworks; and then equips participants with best practices and new techniques in arts activism through a collaborative artmaking project.


Bootcamp: Art for Activism and Organizing
This workshop teaches participants about the history of arts-based advocacy and cultural organizing; introduces core concepts, frameworks, and best practices; and then guides participants through the multi-step process of designing an arts-based strategy through a collaborative artmaking project.


Screenprinting for Justice
This workshop introduces the medium of screenprinting to explore effective messaging in promoting social change. Participants discover their own motivations for civic engagement, learn about the power of language in strategic messaging, and then screenprint and design their own artwork to take home with them at the end. 


Voice Empowerment
Our voices are one of the most powerful, yet intimate, tools that we have to communicate our authentic selves with the world. This workshop combines singing, movement, creative expression, improvisation, and honoring the sacred within us to tap into our truest essence as leaders and change makers.


Music and Healing
Self-care is an important part of nurturing creativity and the human spirit. This is especially true for those who work in the areas of the arts, social justice, and spirituality -- areas that require us to give so much of ourselves. This workshop will allow time and space to address parts of ourselves that are often neglected because of lack of time and energy. We will identify tools to establish or enhance a self-care practice. In addition, there will be a group healing session that will incorporate the human voice, relaxation techniques, guided imagery and music, and sound/energy work.


In addition to the workshops listed above, we frequently design workshops to meet the specific training needs of our partners. Recent examples include: teaching youth skills in social advocacy through bookbinding; teaching direct service providers skills in ethical storytelling; etc.  

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Our Approach

We use a Multicultural Organizing framework to make social impact.

Multicultural Organizing grows the wellness of a people. It is the strategic use of artistic tools, cultural traditions, and spiritual resources from intentionally different contexts to advance social change, particularly in marginalized communities.

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