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Teaching Artists

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Teaching Artists



Street Theater | Storytelling | Music

Bakht is a licensed social worker, a street theater activist, and a singer. She has organized workshops on Trauma Informed Arts Therapy, Inter-Faith Coexistence, and Cultural Humility. As a strong believer in the arts for social justice, Bakht continues to work with marginalized and disenfranchised communities, organizations, and individuals to achieve an equitable world.

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Visual Art | Healing

Sobia believes art holds immense powers and can be a tool for both personal and societal transformation. She holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Maryland College Park: B.A. in Studio Art and B.S. in Behavioral and Community Health, and has worked with Montgomery County government where she developed mental health education materials and programming for minorities. She is the 2018-2019 recipient of Next Generation/Sanctuary Studio Artist Fellowship at VisArts in Maryland. Her work can be found at

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Spoken Word | Healing

Mazaré  is a spoken word poet hailing from Durham, NC, who describes herself as raw honey, "a teaspoon of brutal truth fresh from the comb--bold and thick with sweet." She draws upon her English and Creative Writing training from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill to lead workshops that help writers identify their unique literary voice and cultivate their technical writing skills. Mazaré delights in walking with novice and experienced writers as they journey from a new topic to the performance stage.




Nando is an Ecuadorian visual artist currently based in Washington, DC. His body of work incorporates photography, screenprinting, illustration, and other media. Through his artwork, he reflects on a variety of themes, but mainly on the different forms of oppression in our current times. His work can be found at

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Life Skills | Creative Expression

Latisha is a teaching artist with over 10 years of experience, who has worked with students age 4 - 74. While primarily a literary and theatrical artist, Latisha incorporates multiple art forms to teach skills such as active listening, cross-cultural communication, creative and critical thinking, connection building, and imaginative problem solving. 



Life Skills | Screenprinting | Visual Art

Margot was first drawn to The Sanctuaries in 2017 by an interest in leveraging art for social change. She uses printmaking and drawing as tools to build community and learn about herself and others. 



Conflict Transformation

Hasan (they/them) is a poet / musician and conflict transformer / facilitator / community organizer, with an anti-oppression / liberation lens. Hasan infuses into each of their workshops a deep belief in the ability and capacity for all people to find a greater openness and connectivity amidst the deepest of disconnections and conflict. Hasan interweaves art forms and experiential activities meant to hold, deepen and open all who are present.



Movement | Mindfulness

Jen is a journalist and artist who has taught in the US, Europe, and South Asia. She is a longtime yoga practitioner who earned her 200-hour yoga teaching certificate in India in 2013. Jen traveled to India while living in Pakistan for two years on a fellowship to increase understanding between the US and the Muslim World/South Asia.



Hip Hop | Multicultural Organizing

Ben is a spoken word/hip-hop artist and facilitator from Washington D.C, who is dedicated to being the change he wants to see in his community.  He uses the art of the spoken word to deliver a message of shared humanity through workshops and song. His goal is to awaken people to their inner selves, while challenging himself and others to embody the values of The Sanctuaries.  

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Visual Art | Fiber Arts | Healing

Aliana Grace Bailey is an artist and designer who thrives on vibrant colors, intricate patterns, bold typography, and raw emotion. She strives to give viewers a sense of joy, healing, and a reminder of how to love—themselves and the world. Currently, Aliana works with all ages and is exploring art as it relates to grief support, self-care practices, and community building. Aliana is a DC native, NC A&T alumna, and student at MICA. Her work can be found at


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