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Street Soul

Aubrey Gemignani

Aubrey Gemignani


Co-created by our Visual Arts Team, in collaboration with Street Sense

The mobile bus exhibit, Street Soul: The Human Side of Homelessness, is the result of an intensive collaboration between vendors at Street Sense, who have experienced homelessness first-hand, and artists at The Sanctuaries.

Housed within the traveling I Have a Home Here gallery space — reminiscent of the unstable, constantly-in-motion nature of homelessness — the exhibit weaves the stories of homelessness into visuals of loss, chaos, anxiety, trauma, distrust, waiting, and the ever-present threads of hope. Through this exhibit, which was divided into sections, viewers developed a deeper understanding of what it means to be homeless in this city, as well as concrete ways for them to help end homelessness in DC.

The official launch was held at Blind Whino, with support from Uni Bistro and &pizza.

The Artists at Street Sense
Sheila White
Ken Martin
Bardia Saeedi
Angie Whitehurst


The Artists at The Sanctuaries
Aliana Grace Bailey  
Katie Byron  
Laura Coleman
Naomi Kumar  
Sonaly Patel  
Katherine Tan

In Photos

Photography by Aubrey Gemignani

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