The Sanctuaries | Washington, DC


Muslim Sexual Health Education

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HEART Women & Girls promotes sexual health education and sexual violence prevention in Muslim communities through health education, advocacy, research and training.

The Sanctuaries was invited to design a Spoken Word video series that would educate viewers about the many forms that sexual abuse can take in Muslim communities, as well as the commonly held beliefs that reinforce cultures of abuse. The series intentionally showcased Muslim poets from different racial, ethnic, and theological backgrounds that comprise the diverse ummah, i.e. Muslim community. The videos were released through social media and will be incorporated as educational tools in workshops around the country.

According to HEART leaders, this project was “really unique, and not something we’ve done before.” Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback to date, the collaboration represented a “big step away from how we have been doing the work in a direction that was really positive to go in.” It has since “opened up our eyes to using art for social change.”