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The Mixtape EP


Created by our Performance Team

The Mixtape is our first EP. Fifteen musicians, rappers, and poets collaborated on this 7-track record, which we have since distributed around the country.

Artistic director Osa Obaseki describes the themes of the EP with reference to each song: "The process begins with finding our footing. Becoming grounded in who we are. Acknowledging the artist within, despite external conflicts. We all want that feeling of Coming Home for the first time. We've heard the calling all our lives and now we can Hear the Sound. Perhaps it's time we acknowledge that the voice we hear could be from that higher self or higher power we believe in. What's to stop is from sharing that voice?

To the young women, be inspired to Show Your Beauty. Never let up and remember that it is only you who can give birth to a recreation of the highest creator. The gift comes with many challenges. Just know that your very existence and daily living is a form of Resistance. With love. Continue to believe in your power, it is your destiny.

To you the young men, particularly those that hold the weight of a life experience doused in hardship, be inspired to be at ease in your skin and emit the light from within. Don't duck your head keep your chin high. Don't you know you're a Child of the Sky. Until you acknowledge the fact you are adorned with the shine of a heavenly being, your struggle to find and express your true self will be endless. So often, we are asked to be like someone else. Some of us feel pressure from all around us. From society, to our closest friends and family, all the way down to our own inner voices. This journey tells us otherwise. The path we have embarked on together encourages us to break those chains and feel free in our expression. After all, we just want to be Human. Our simplest and most difficult task.

Throughout this journey, we have created that space for individual existence, as well as a space for collective coexistence. One thing that I value the most is not just being here in these spaces but also being in the midst of a Sanctuary you can see."

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