The Sanctuaries | Washington, DC


Art Heals




We offered this workshop at the Catharsis on the Mall festival, an annual vigil that features lectures, discussions, workshops, community art, music, and unstructured spaces intended to facilitate seeing and healing for wounds in ourselves, each other and in our society.

Specifically, we used the medium of screenprinting to explore the ways in which art can be used for healing and justice. Over 40 participants were invited to journey between three stations: (i) a guided reflection on significant historical moments when the arts have been used for healing and justice; (ii) an interactive live screenprinting station where attendees learned about and participated in the process of screenprinting; (iii) an open studio for attendees to reflect, discuss, and create decorative flags expressing the ways in which the arts have impacted their own healing and justice. 

Following the workshop, we strung up the decorated flags in a public art installation on the National Mall to claim this public space as one of healing and justice.