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Our community is better experienced than explained. Come check us out.



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Make art to make change.

Our art teams are sacred spaces to build skills, find support, and collaborate with other artists on projects that impact your local community. 


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Membership is our independence.

Our community was created by and for artists. And we intend to keep it that way. Membership is the commitment we make to each other to show up and support this thing we love.


Community of support and collaboration
People who have your back. It's that simple.

Space and materials to create
From studio space to audio equipment, we got you.

Platforms to share your artistry
From the block party to the Smithsonian and back.

Projects to impact your community
Teach youth, activate adults, inspire neighborhoods.

Paid opportunities to make a difference
Get paid to share your passions with others.


Live our values
We treat each other well. No excuses.

Support the community financially
Your monthly donation makes all of this possible.

Show up actively in the community
Community doesn't happen alone. Be there!

The average monthly donation is $25. The minimum is $15. If you're facing a financial hardship, we'll work something out.

Make it official. Become a member.


STEP 1: Set up your donation.

Enter amount and click on checkout button above.


STEP 2: Sign up for membership.


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